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  1. During the discharge teaching for a client with COPD. The nurse evaluates the client’s understanding and determines that the client does not need further instructions when the client states which of the following?
    1. I do not need to limit my activities
    2. I should limit intake of gas forming foods.*
    3. These medications will eventually cure me
    4. I will only visit my doctor when I have complications


  2. A nurse is making rounds after receiving report. The nurse observes the client is receiving the wrong intravenous fluid. What is the nurse’s next action?
    1. Write an incident report, and submit it to the manager.
    2. Replace the bag of fluid with the fluid that was ordered.
    3. Report the incident to the charge nurse and the physician.
    4. Replace the fluid, and discuss the error with other staff nurses.


  3. The client couple is planning intracytoplasmic sperm injection, followed by intrauterine embryo transfer. Which of the following statements indicates that the nurse’s teaching was effective?
    1. "His sperm swim too fast for me to become pregnant."
    2. "My eggs have thick walls and don’t let his sperm in."
    3. "Any extra embryos can be frozen for implantation later."
    4. "We will have to wait several weeks to see if any eggs get fertilized."


  4. Which of the following statements would the nurse use to best describe a very low kilocalorie diet (VLCD) to a client?
    1. "This diet is low in calories and high in protein and must used under close medical supervision."
    2. "This is a long-term treatment measure that will assist obese people who can't lose weight."
    3. "The VLCD consists of solid food items that are pureed to facilitate digestion and absorption."
    4. "A VLCD contains very little protein."


  5. Which statement by an 8-year-old girl who has asthma indicates that she understands the use of a peak expiratory flow meter?
    1. "My peak flow meter can tell me if an asthma episode might be coming, even though I might still be feeling okay."
    2. "When I do my peak flow, it works best if I do three breaths without pausing in between breaths."
    3. "I always start with the meter reading about halfway up. That way, I don t waste any breath."
    4. "If I use my peak flow meter every day, I will not have an asthma attack."


  6. A young boy is brought to the trauma unit with a chemical burn to the face. Priority assessment would include which of the following?
    1. Skin integrity
    2. Blood pressure and pulse
    3. Patency of airway
    4. Amount of pain


  7. The nurse must assess the temperature and blood pressure of a client on contact precautions every shift. Which is the appropriate nursing action to minimize the spread of microorganisms?
    1. Keep the equipment in the client’s room.
    2. Store the equipment in the soiled utility room between uses.
    3. Cleanse the equipment after each use.
    4. No special action is required with the equipment.


  8. During the beginning-of-shift assessments, which client would the nurse see first?
    1. Client with chronic pain requesting pain meds
    2. Client with diarrhea who needs to be cleaned
    3. Client who is due for a dressing change
    4. Client who requires suctioning


  9. A regular diet has been resumed for a client following a major traumatic injury. The nurse selects from the diet menu which of the following meals that would be most appropriate for the client?
    1. Vegetable lasagna, bibb lettuce with dressing, white roll, and a slice of pound cake
    2. Chicken breast, brown rice, broccoli, and fresh orange slices
    3. Fried codfish fillet, macaroni and cheese, peas, and flavored gelatin
    4. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn, and ice cream


  10. The nurse has emptied a Jackson Pratt wound-drainage device and needs to reestablish suction to the tube. Which of the following actions should the nurse take to accomplish this objective?
    1. Ensure the tubing has no kinks.
    2. Squeeze the collection chamber.
    3. Wipe the port with alcohol.
    4. Close the cap on the device.