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Added on 12/31/2012

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A client has a continuously running peripheral infusion. The physician orders the addition of a antibiotic as a piggyback infusion four times per day. In order to administer the antibiotic, the nurse should do which of the following?

1. Start a new IV access to administer the antibiotic so that there will not be compatibility issues.
2. Start a new IV access to eliminate the problem of too much volume for one site.
3. Increase the flow rate of the continuous infusion to facilitate the administration of the antibiotic.
4. Check to see if the antibiotic is compatible with the continuous infusion.


Before making a decision about how to infuse the antibiotic, the nurse should check compatibility of the antibiotic with the continuous IV solution. If the drug and the infusion were compatible, they would be run at the same time. If the drug and infusion were incompatible, the nurse would stop the infusion during the period of antibiotic administration and flush the line carefully before and after the antibiotic. It is always inadvisable to start a second IV site unless absolutely necessary. The other answers are incorrect. Omit options 1 and 2 as they call for an unnecessary stick. Omit option 3 as the flow rate is not addressed in the item and this does not answer the question.


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