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Added on 12/02/2012

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The nurse has an order to insert a nasogastric tube into the stomach of an assigned client. Place in order the steps that the nurse would follow to complete the procedure. Click and drag the options below to move them up or down.

1. Place distal end of tube at tip of nose and measure to earlobe and then to xiphoid process to determine distance for tube insertion
2. Insert tube into naris and advance upward and backward until resistance met; rotate catheter gently and advance into nasopharynx
3. Sit client upright (high Fowler's position)
4. Ask client to take sips of water if able while tube advanced gently into stomach
5. Tape tube in place


The client's head of bed is raised first because airway and breathing are the priority. Next the tube is measured for accurate length of insertion. The tube is then advanced past the nasopharynx. The client is then asked to take sips to help with tube advancement into the stomach. Finally, the tube is taped once placement is assured. The core issue of the question is knowledge of the insertion procedure for a nasogastric tube. Use nursing knowledge to sequence the steps that the nurse needs to take. Visualize the procedure to aid in answering the question.


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