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Added on 01/01/2013

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Which of the following statements would the nurse use to best describe a very low kilocalorie diet (VLCD) to a client?

1. "This diet is low in calories and high in protein and must used under close medical supervision."
2. "This is a long-term treatment measure that will assist obese people who can't lose weight."
3. "The VLCD consists of solid food items that are pureed to facilitate digestion and absorption."
4. "A VLCD contains very little protein."


VLCD diets are used in the clinical treatment of obesity under close medical supervision. The diet is low in calories, high in quality protein, and has a minimum of carbohydrates in order to spare protein and prevent ketosis. The critical word is best, indicating all or some options may be correct, but one answers the question more thoroughly, as is the case in option 1.


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