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Added on 12/29/2012

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A client with anemia of chronic disease (ACD) is referred for nutritional counseling regarding dietary intake. Which of the following methods would be the most helpful for the nurse to implement in order to meet nutritional goals?

1. Have the client continue to take Epogen/Procrit as prescribed because that will help to maintain adequate nutritional stores.
2. Have the client consume more calories in order to meet increased nutritional demands.
3. Evaluate client's dietary pattern for nutritional adequacy.
4. Instruct the client on adequate sources of iron in the diet.


To make valid recommendations to meet nutritional goals with regard to ACD, it is vital to evaluate the client’s present dietary pattern for nutritional adequacy. This helps to establish a nutritional baseline and determine food preferences and other related factors that influence the client’s intake pattern. Option 1 is incorrect-even though medication therapy is aimed at increasing RBC production, it does not specifically address nutritional adequacy in terms of maintaining nutritional stores. Option 2 is incorrect-merely increasing caloric intake without regard to adequacy or balance may place the client at an increased risk of nutritional imbalance. Consuming an adequate diet with all essential nutrients is as important as increasing caloric intake in clients with chronic disease processes. Although it is important to instruct the client about good sources of iron, this option is limited, since it will not provide the most comprehensive approach in dietary evaluation. The critical words are most helpful. Recognize importance of assessing baseline data in a client. Eliminate option 2 since it does not address the anemia or nutritional status. Eliminate options 1 and 4 since they are specific to only one aspect of the problem.


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