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Added on 12/27/2012

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The client has chronic pain disorder. Which statement by the client indicates to the nurse that the plan of care has been successful?

1. "I realize that my pain can be influenced by stress."
2. "I should avoid most physical activity."
3. "Relaxation techniques only help when I am anxious about my pain."
4. "I should keep myself pain-free by increasing my pain medication as I need it."


Option 1 indicates beginning development of insight, which is a desired outcome for nursing intervention. Understanding the relationship between physical symptoms and stress helps the client to gain control of outcomes. Physical activity and limited use of pain medications (option 2) are indicated when the client has pain disorder. The client tends to allow the pain to dominate all spheres of functioning. Relaxation techniques (option 3) are most effective when practiced on a regular, not episodic basis, although they can be employed when pain levels are just beginning to rise. Clients with chronic pain disorders are at high risk for dependency on drugs, whether prescribed or nonprescribed (option 4). These clients should be taught nonpharmacologic methods of pain relief. Notice that the question is asking for an indication of progress on the part of the client. Use this as a benchmark against which to evaluate each option.


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