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Added on 12/19/2012

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A client's best friend was killed in an automobile crash that injured the client. The nurse determines that which of the following would be an appropriate short-term goal for this client who does not recall the accident?

1. Talk to people from the accident scene and read accounts of the crash by week 1.
2. Avoid efforts to remember the accident until week 4.
3. Establish a plan for safer driving by day 3.
4. Establish a suitable memorial for the friend by week 4.


Option 1 is correct. Verbalization about the event and gradually facing its reality in a safe environment will decrease anxiety so that the experience may be reconstructed and remembered. Option 2 is incorrect as the client’s current amnesia is probably a protective mechanism intended to reduce the client’s anxiety and/or guilt. As memories begin to filter back into consciousness, the client should not work to prevent the recall from occurring. Option 3 is incorrect because day three is too early to expect the client to have a plan for safer driving. At this point the client is still amnesic of the event and cannot be expected to develop a strategy for future driving. Option 4 is incorrect as this is not a short term outcome, which is what the question is asking for. Recognize the protective purpose served by this client's amnesia.


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