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Added on 01/01/2013

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The client couple is planning intracytoplasmic sperm injection, followed by intrauterine embryo transfer. Which of the following statements indicates that the nurse’s teaching was effective?

1. "His sperm swim too fast for me to become pregnant."
2. "My eggs have thick walls and don’t let his sperm in."
3. "Any extra embryos can be frozen for implantation later."
4. "We will have to wait several weeks to see if any eggs get fertilized."


In vitro fertilization usually creates multiple embryos, of which up to four are implanted. Cryopreservation of excess embryos is common, and they can be implanted at a later date. The wording of this question guides you to look for a correct statement as the answer to the question. Evaluate each option as to whether it is true or false. The true statement is then the correct answer.


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