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Added on 12/28/2012

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The client has come to the clinic to discuss use of a cervical cap for contraception. If determined by the nurse’s assessment, which of the following would be a contraindication to use of the cervical cap?

1. History of blood clots
2. Age greater than 35 years
3. Abnormal Pap smear 6 months ago
4. Elevated liver enzymes


Long-term exposure to secretions, spermicides, and bacteria trapped inside the cap can result in abnormal Pap smear results. This client has a history of an abnormal Pap smear; cervical cap use could negatively impact this finding, and another method should be explored for this client. The other options have no relationship to use of the cervical cap. Note the key word contraindication, and use the process of elimination and nursing knowledge to select the option that would pose a risk to this client with regard to use of a cervical cap.


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