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Added on 01/01/2013

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A nurse is making rounds after receiving report. The nurse observes the client is receiving the wrong intravenous fluid. What is the nurse’s next action?

1. Write an incident report, and submit it to the manager.
2. Replace the bag of fluid with the fluid that was ordered.
3. Report the incident to the charge nurse and the physician.
4. Replace the fluid, and discuss the error with other staff nurses.


The nurse should replace the fluid with the correct fluid immediately, to prevent the detrimental effects of receiving the wrong intravenous fluid. Once the bag of fluid has been replaced, the nurse should write an incident report and notify the physician of the error. The charge nurse and nurse manager should be alerted to the incident, but the first action is to replace the bag of intravenous fluid. Use nursing knowledge and strategies for prioritization to make the correct selection.


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