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Added on 04/29/2011

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A nurse is counseling the mother of a newborn infant with hyperbilirubinemia. Which of the following instructions by the nurse is NOT correct?

1. Continue to breastfeed frequently, at least every 2-4 hours.
2. Follow up with the infant's physician within 72 hours of discharge for a recheck of the serum bilirubin and exam.
3. Watch for signs of dehydration, including decreased urinary output and changes in skin turgor.
4. Keep the baby quiet and swaddled, and place the bassinet in a dimly lit area.


An infant discharged home with hyperbilirubinemia (newborn jaundice) should be placed in a sunny rather than dimly lit area with skin exposed to help process the bilirubin. Frequent feedings will help to metabolize the bilirubin. A recheck of the serum bilirubin and a physical exam within 72 hours will confirm that the level is falling and the infant is thriving and is well hydrated. Signs of dehydration, including decreased urine output and skin changes, indicate inadequate fluid intake and will worsen the hyperbilirubinemia.


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