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Added on 11/29/2012

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At the start of the shift there were only three newborns in the nursery, so staffing consisted of one RN and one LPN. Within two hours, three more newborns were admitted to the nursery, one requiring Level II care, and the parents of two newborns needed discharge teaching so they could go home. The RN was needed full time in the Level II nursery as the newborn was stabilized. What staffing is needed to provide appropriate care in this situation?

1. The LPN can complete the admission assessments and discharge teaching for the five Level 1 newborns.
2. An UAP from the postpartum unit can be reassigned to the nursery to do the discharge teaching.
3. The RN can complete the admission assessments while continuing to stabilize the Level II newborn.
4. Another RN needs to be assigned to the nursery to implement the admission assessments and discharge teaching.


It is an RN’s responsibility to do assessments, analyze the data, plan and implement care and teaching, and evaluate the outcomes. A second RN needs to be assigned to the nursery to safely manage the care of the Level I newborns. Recognize that assessment and client education are part of the professional scope of practice. The correct answer would be the option that safely retains these functions for the RN given the change in unit census.


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