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Added on 12/05/2012

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As the nursing unit representative member serving on the hospital quality management committee, the nurse has been asked to evaluate the quality of nursing services on the unit. What would be an appropriate quality improvement activity for the nurse to ask team members to participate in?

1. Tracking the number of accidents or incidents on the unit
2. Documenting nursing time and activities spent on direct client care
3. Administering a client and family satisfaction survey
4. Assessing clients and report acuity to shift managers daily


Client and family satisfaction surveys are a formal set of activities that can be used to remedy deficiencies identified in the quality of direct patient care, administrative, and support services. Incident reports (option 1) serve as an indicator of risk. Documentation of time and activities related to direct care may be done as part of time and motion studies. Acuity relates to the need for nursing staff on the unit. Note the critical word services in the stem of the question. With this in mind, the correct option is one that gathers data from the recipients of services. Options 1, 2, and 4 are not quality service measures.


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