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Added on 12/25/2012

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An 86-year-old client will be undergoing a surgical procedure. Which of the following changes would the nurse make in the informed consent process for this elderly client?

1. Providing adequate time for the client to process the information
2. Encouraging the family members to make the decision for the client
3. Encouraging the client to sign immediately before the client forgets the purpose of the surgery
4. Providing the client with reading material about the surgery and the postoperative instructions


Older clients need time to digest the information and ask questions. Option 2 is incorrect because most older clients are able to make decisions for themselves. Option 3 can be considered coercion, while option 4 can be appropriate but is not the best option since clients need more than reading material for an informed consent. The core issue of the question is the need for the older adult undergoing surgery to have sufficient time to process information. Choose the option that takes into consideration age-related changes of older adults.


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