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Added on 12/30/2012

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A 12-year-old boy is hospitalized and diagnosed with the recent development of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection secondary to factor transfusions for hemophilia. The family of the child is very concerned about the risk this child presents to the rest of the family and questions whether the child should remain in the home. The nursing activity that will best promote family coping would be:

1. Explain to the family that the infection cannot be spread by casual contact.
2. Demonstrate positive acceptance of the child with each contact.
3. Explain that prophylactic drugs will prevent the virus from spreading.
4. Show the family how to wash their hands properly.


The family will need to know how to protect themselves from the virus. Handwashing is the first line of protection. However, family coping skills will best be enhanced by the nurse demonstrating acceptance of the child. This along with child and family education will help the family deal with this disease. Knowledge of the emotional support and care of the child with HIV will help to choose the correct answer.


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