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Added on 12/25/2012

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A pediatric client who is known to have cancer is being admitted for mild neutropenia and a severe oral monilial infection. The nurse should assign the child to which room?

1. A semi-private room with a medical patient
2. A semi-private room with a surgical patient
3. A private room without further precautions
4. A private room with protective isolation


A private room assignment is indicated for children with chemotherapy-related neutropenia. Careful handwashing is also an essential element to reduce the risk of infection. Because the neutropenia is mild at this time, the client does not require neutropenic precautions and does not require full protective isolation. However, neutropenic precautions could be instituted later if the client’s neutrophil count continues to decline. This oral infection is spread by direct contact, so the infection itself would not prevent the child from sharing a room. However, the neutropenia would require the client not to share a room. Note the critical word "mild" to determine that neither neutropenic precautions nor protective isolation are needed at this time.


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