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Added on 12/20/2012

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A 15-year-old who has a diagnosis of scoliosis is being seen in the outpatient clinic. The nurse is planning care for this adolescent and develops the following nursing diagnoses. Which nursing diagnosis should take highest priority?

1. Disturbed body image related to treatment of scoliosis
2. Diversional activity deficit related to treatment of scoliosis
3. Anxiety related to outcome of treatment for scoliosis
4. Fear related to treatment and unknown outcomes


Adolescents are greatly concerned about their physical appearance as part of their growth and development. Unless there is a clear priority based on physiological need, attention to developmental concerns such as body image is important when caring for the adolescent client. Eliminate options 3 and 4 because they are so similar. Then, consider the developmental period of the child, which is key to determining the correct response. All adolescents worry about body image and being different. This child will appear different and may be encased in a brace or cast.


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