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Added on 12/29/2012

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The nurse is providing care for a young athlete who presents with muscle strain of the back that occurred during a tennis match. Client teaching about preventing such injuries in the future should include which of the following?

1. Drinking 2 liters of Gatorade before every sports activity
2. Routine stretching and warm-up exercises before every sports activity
3. Wearing a back support brace
4. Drinking a high-protein shake before activity


Routine stretching and warm-up exercises are essential before strenuous physical activities to prepare the muscle to withstand the stress of the motion. The intake of supplemental electrolytes (such as what is contained in Gatorade) and high-protein drinks do not prevent strains from occurring. The use of a back brace impedes movement during an activity such as tennis and is not the best strategy to preventing future muscle strain. Recall basic principles of mobility.


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