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Added on 12/25/2012

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The client has been diagnosed with neurosyphilis. The nurse knows that teaching has been effective when the client states:

1. "I must have gotten infected when I ate at a Caribbean restaurant last winter."
2. "My wife doesn't have to worry about being tested because she's postmenopausal."
3. "I'll need to make sure that my grandson doesn't drink from the same cup that I use."
4. "The treatment for this will be ongoing and based on what my lab results show.


Neurosyphilis can occur during any stage of syphilis but most commonly occurs during the tertiary stage. Central nervous system involvement causing dementia, paralysis, gradual blindness, and numbness characterizes neurosyphilis. Syphilis is blood borne and sexually transmitted, so all sexual contacts should be tested. Treatment is based on lumbar puncture results and estimated length of time of the syphilis infection. Omit options 1, 2, and 3 as syphilis is sexually transmitted.


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