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Added on 12/29/2012

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The sister of a 76-year-old client with increasing intracranial pressure asks why the nurse uses the extra oxygen when suctioning. Which of the following statements is most correct?

1. "Your brother seems to pink-up when we give him extra air."
2. "The extra oxygen helps relieve the bradykinesia by decreasing the carbon dioxide."
3. "The extra oxygen helps relieve the pressure in his brain by decreasing the carbon dioxide."
4. "Your brother seems less congested when we give him extra air."


Increasing intracranial pressure is aggravated by hypercarbia and suctioning should not be done for longer than 10 seconds. The other three options are not appropriate. Omit options 1 and 4 as they refer to extra "air" as opposed to extra oxygen. Omit option 2 as bradykinesia is not the reason for increasing oxygen.


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