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Added on 01/01/2013

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Which statement by an 8-year-old girl who has asthma indicates that she understands the use of a peak expiratory flow meter?

1. "My peak flow meter can tell me if an asthma episode might be coming, even though I might still be feeling okay."
2. "When I do my peak flow, it works best if I do three breaths without pausing in between breaths."
3. "I always start with the meter reading about halfway up. That way, I don t waste any breath."
4. "If I use my peak flow meter every day, I will not have an asthma attack."


Peak expiratory flow readings over time indicate the child s respiratory ability when she is well. Readings of 50 percent below "personal best" indicate an asthma episode is imminent. The meter does not prevent an attack. Critical words are "understands" and "peak expiratory flow meter." Knowledge of this device and how it helps to manage asthma helps to answer the question.


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