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Added on 12/27/2012

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The clinic nurse working with women during the postpartum period would interpret that which of the following behaviors exhibited by a client is typical during this time?

1. The mother experiences feelings of depression as she assumes responsibility for her new baby.
2. The mother does not take care of herself, but attends well to her infant.
3. The mother is receptive to learning about her baby, and demonstrates bonding.
4. The mother does not sleep or eat well, but tries to take care of herself.


Option 3 indicates that the mother is interacting with her infant and accepting responsibility for self-care and care of her infant. Options 1 and 2 indicate potential psychiatric problems that require additional investigation. Option 4 requires investigation of why the mother is not eating well, which is important during the postpartum period. The core issue of the question is healthy adaptation to life with a new infant. Choose the option that indicates the greatest resemblance to healthy behavior and adaptive coping.


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