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Added on 12/17/2012

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The nurse concludes that an adult client understands proper otic medication administration after observing the client use which of the following techniques for administering an otic solution?

1. The client pulls the pinna down and back before administering the medication.
2. The client pulls the pinna up and back before administering the medication.
3. The client places the dropper into the ear canal before administering the medication.
4. The client tilts the head towards the affected side before administering the medication.


The adult client pulls the pinna up and back for administration of otic solutions. The pinna is pulled down in the child (option 1). Droppers should never be inserted into the ear canal (option 3), and the head should be tilted toward the unaffected side (option 4). Note that the question stem asks for validation of a client s technique for instilling ear drops. Using the process of elimination and basic care knowledge of the instillation of ear drops will assist in selecting the correct answer.


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