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Added on 12/28/2012

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While teaching a client about the proper administration of dipivefrin (Propine), the nurse would provide which of the following instructions?

1. Gently squeeze eyes closed for 30 seconds immediately after instillation of medication.
2. Close, but do not squeeze, the eyes immediately after instillation of medication.
3. Do not blink for 30 seconds after instillation of medication.
4. Close the eyes for one full minute after instillation of medication.


To promote absorption, the client should not blink for 30 seconds after the administration of dipivefrin. Options 1, 2, and 4 are incorrect for the administration of dipivefrin. Use the process of elimination and knowledge of basic care in the instillation of eye medications to select option 3. Review the procedure for instillation of eye medication if this was difficult.


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