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Added on 12/19/2012

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The nurse is instructing the client about insulin administration. Which of the following pieces of client information alerts the nurse that special instruction regarding insulin is necessary?

1. Client lives in an apartment with spouse.
2. Client wishes to teach her spouse how to administer insulin.
3. Client jogs 3-4 miles every other day.
4. Client takes a nap in the afternoon.


Jogging increases insulin requirements, and absorption can be increased if the drug is injected into the thigh. This lifestyle factor of the client requires special instruction. Options 1 and 4 are unrelated to teaching about insulin administration. Option 2 guides the nurse to include the spouse in teaching, but it does not indicate the need for special instruction regarding insulin. Using the process of elimination, rule out options 1 and 4 because they do not relate to teaching that is necessary. Option 2 does not require any special instruction but more involvement of the family. This leaves the correct option, 3.


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