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Added on 12/29/2012

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The nurse is caring for a client who has just been diagnosed with Graves' disease. Client education needs to include which of the following?

1. Atropine-like medication
2. Thyroid hormone replacement therapy
3. A low-calorie diet
4. Propylthiouracil (PTU)


Graves' disease is caused by elevated levels of thyroid hormone. Clients experience tachycardia, nervousness, insomnia, increased heat production, and weight loss. Medication therapy with an agent such as propylthiouracil will help control the disorder. Option 1 is irrelevant, while option 2 is indicated for hypothyroidism. A client with this disorder needs a high-calorie diet, not a low-calorie one (option 3). Knowing the usual treatment modality will lead you to option 4. The other options are not correct education statements for the disease process. If this was difficult, review the treatment modalities for Graves disease.


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