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Added on 12/24/2012

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Which of the following statements by the client with migraine headaches would indicate to the nurse that she has understood client teaching regarding migraine medication?

1. "I will be keeping a diary of my headaches, so that I can see if there is a pattern."
2. "I will be able to stop my exercise program, since it has not helped my headaches."
3. "I will take my headache medication every four hours."
4. "I will never be able to drive again, due to my headaches."


If the client understands the importance of the finding the triggering factors, she will be more willing to be involved in decreasing the triggers, including lifestyle changes that might be necessary. The client should continue to exercise for general health and stress management (option 2). Medication might not be needed every four hours (option 3), and driving is permitted (option 4). Understanding the need to find the triggering mechanisms for migraines headaches will assist in selecting the only correct option, 1. If this was difficult, review the teaching points for a client who is taking migraine medication.


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